Fighting for Food Justice

Curb is Southampton’s branch of The Real Junk Food Project. We are a local and National food waste campaign, intercepting tonnes of food that would otherwise be destined for landfill. We operate strictly on a ‘Pay As You Feel’ basis, simultaneously valuing both food and humanity. You can find us running various events across the city, including:

  • Pop-up Café’s in local restaurants
  • Food Boutiques in local shops
  • Street Food Stalls in town markets
  • Stands at Hampshire festivals
  • Catering for business conferences
  • Workshops at universities
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We consider Curb to be a collaboration with stores, restaurants, markets, caterers, farms, distributors, charities, allotments, food photographers – absolutely anyone that handles edible produce! We commit to building relationships, establishing legitimate collections and intercepting as much food as possible before it reaches landfill.

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Pay As You Feel means there are no prices, but the food isn’t ‘free‘. Guests are invited to pay how much and however they like. This can be a monetary donation, or perhaps an offer of time/service to the project. We’ve received washing up, musical entertainment, recipes, new volunteers, event photography, funding, artwork, kitchen equipment – even our logo was designed for us through our PAYF concept!

We trust that PAYF allows a more conscious and self-determined exchange, whilst actively encouraging us to think about the value of food. It gives everyone access to our meals/groceries as well as reminds us that we’re in control of how/where we spend our money!

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Our priority for 2016 is to find a cafe base in Southampton for Curb to run on a full-time basis! Get in touch if you can help us with this!

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Katie Chorley
Libby Russell
Samuel Duncan-Smith
Rhia Weston
Thistle Prince

Now is a powerful time.

Currently in the UK, we are lucky to be in a new abundance… not of waste, but of people fighting against it. Food waste is hitting the public and political agenda almost at a constant. There are so many people working together (both directly and indirectly), using their actions and voices to change how we value and respect food. Curb is one of many groups putting pressure on both local and National policy with a vision of food justice.

Feel free to contact us to join in however you’d like.
Together, we can save more food from landfill!